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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Boon for Plus Two Students

Deccan Chronicle – Education

Overseas Education – now within reach.

Higher Education is a universal aspiration. More so in the case of students from India, who have been brought up in a ‘psyche’ that ‘knowledge or Vidya’ is integral to a person’s growth, prosperity and well being.

World Study Services under the brand PapyrusClubs was launched in August 08 with a view to counsel students who want to pursue higher studies in the UK and Australia. In partnership with established experts in Chennai, the program provides services to students who wish to study abroad.

Expert counselors fielded queries and questions from students and their parents on a host of issues related to study overseas. Every student was attended to individually to provide the widest spectrum of options and details for them to make an informed decision.

Over 100 students filed applications for various universities in UK and Australia and the first batch of students have left for UK by early Feb 09. the program was able to achieve a 100% Visa success because of the careful preparation of the candidates’ applications and vetting it well before submitting to the High Commission. The students and their parents have commended the comprehensive, personalized and professional treatment received from PapyrusClubs WorldStudy Services. Visit: www.studyabroad/

Rationale to consider study overseas –

Parents are faced with the challenge of finding a slot for their wards in any one of the reputed Colleges. Whether it is an arts course or an engineering course the demand and supply is not an organized affair. More than a race to find a suitable admission, it is race to find a berth in a reputed college.

Parents are hence forced to choose with limitations of time, funds and choice of subjects. Sometimes it is a compromise decision. Education is not very cheap either. Demand has pushed up costs unreasonably.

The Plus Two students are the critical generation which needs to be assisted for making the right choices in higher education.

Challenges faced by Indian Universities / Colleges.

Quality education has its own role in ensuring a good career for students.

Syllabus is still a matter of policy and may be unrelated in terms of full value when measured against the requirements of the day. Infrastructure in many colleges is wanting and waiting to be upgraded or completed. Faculty shortage is a very serious problem in Indian scenario. The last decade saw the economy absorbing every graduate irrespective of the discipline in the job market. This left no resources for building the faculty bank. Less experienced and less qualified persons have to be accommodated in faculty positions. This led to a serious short falls in pursuing research. Industry academy relationships have been absent leading to low skill development.

Universities abroad have long equipped themselves to overcome all the challenges mentioned above. Today the choice is viable because of many reasons. Access to information is good, no travel barriers, scholarships are available, funding options and support is within reach. International exposure to world class systems, equips students become suitable for international job market and placement.

PapyrusClubs WorldStudy Services constantly researches suitable avenues for students. University of Nottingham – Malaysia Campus – Tailor made for Plus Two students. The bachelors’ courses commence in the month of September 2009 and today is the right time to consider this option.

Affordable programs in Engineering – Chemical / Electrical / Electronic / Communication /Mechanical and Mechatronics are flag ship courses.

Ranked 70th in the World, the university campus in Malaysia has world class facilities, faculty and offers ‘fast track’ programs to acquire Bachelor’s degree in two years.

With a minimum percentage of 80% Plus Two students can now get world class education.

For full details and counseling contact:

Counselors in Chennai on: 044-4392 3846. visit

Monday, May 4, 2009

Discovery Camp - Success Story

What an experience it has been to be a part of a programme such the Discovery Camp. Given the fact that it was the first time we ever attempted something like this, I think it is extremely rewarding to realize the success that we have just tasted at the end of all our efforts and hard work for this programme. Kids loved the fact that they learnt everything on their own, without being actually taught in a classroom apart from the fact that they had loads of fun and excitement on all 5 days that they spent with us at the camp. Parents of children who were slightly laid back and were supposedly introverts were astonished to see the difference in the behavior of their children after 2 days at the camp. It was a great moment for us when some parents came and shared this feedback with us at the camp. We are extremely happy that we were able to achieve this sense of satisfaction among children and parents.

This is just the beginning...

Click here to check how Discovery Camp helped the kids discover themselves and the world around them!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Summer Camp, Adayar

Discovery Camp by PapyrusClubs: If you are looking for a Summer Camp with a difference for your kids close to your neighbourhood in Adayar, Here it is:
Camp1 - April 13 to 17, 2009
Venue: Nellai nadar Matric Hr. Sec. School
3/590, Lakshmi Perumal nagar, Kottivakkam, Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai - 600041

Friday, March 27, 2009

Summer Camp where children should explore and learn!

A Summer Camp with a difference ... in Chennai : Ever wondered how the man who played the violin the first time actually played it the way it should be played? It makes you ponder whether there was music at all before the Ragas were born, before sa re ga ma was framed, before Saint Thyagaraja fabricated those wonderful compositions.It is true that god created man with an ability to learn from nature around him. Man learnt or rather acquired skills by imitating from what he saw around him in nature, he watched the birds sing around him and learnt to create music, tunes...there can be innovation, or rather discovery, only when one is allowed to explore and learn on one's own without being taught by someone, without being instructed to do something. In line with this thought, it is indeed completely wrong to believe that children will learn things only if they are taught. Infact children will try and do things differently and understand concepts better if they are allowed to experiment, research and learn by themselves! This can be a very exciting experience for a kid since no rules about which they should worry.

Don't you think a child's mindset will change if you tell the kid that no matter how she fares in the exam, he/she will be promoted to the next level?

If anyone had instructed Mandolin Srinivasan to play only do re mi on the instrument because it was meant to be a western instrument, don't you think we would have lost a gem, a child prodigy in Carnatic music? Thanks to his teachers who did not instruct him!

It is this belief that PapyrusClubs will carry forward in the Discovery Camp for kids this summer.
Children will learn by discovery, by experimentation!!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

PapyrusClubs Discovery Camp

Maximum Learning, Minimum Teaching

“I hear and I forget
I see and I remember
I do and I understand”
- Confucius

Summer Holidays are here. There are courses and courses and courses that children can attend. The PapyrusClubs Discovery Camp stands apart. It is built on the well established premise that the best form of learning is facilitated by assisting discovery.

Over 5 days, children would get to actively participate in the following:

Detective Club
Ever wanted to solve cases like the Five Find-Outers? Then this is your chance.
• Improve analytical and deduction skills.
• Develop and refine critical thinking skills.
• Develop problem solving strategies.

Dramatics Club
Lights, curtains, the stage and you!!
Come and experience creating a performance through dance and drama. Tap your innate talents. Create your own skits/plays based on themes from our epics, history and social topics under the able guidance of eminent theatre personalities.

T-20 Club:
Well, does this game need any introduction? Indulge in an exciting game of cricket played with a tennis ball (so that everyone can participate), with live commentary. Watch out, rules may get changed and you may be asked to bat with a tennis racket or a baseball bat!

Photography Club
Yet another creative medium of self-expression. Get the best out of your mobile phones and digital cameras. Understand the impact of light and shade, of black-and-white and colour. Click/flash your way to fun! Acquire hands-on experience of the nuances of photography in presence of a professional in this field.

Debating Club
Talk your mind! Participate in Jest-A-Minute contests.
This Club will provide opportunities to express your opinion, speak in front of an audience, understand different views and opinions, and look at the two sides of a coin.
- Debate!

Mechano Club: Get Mechanical!!
Try your hands on nuts and bolts, wear your thinking caps, grease your hands and learn to assemble, repair by experimenting.

Adventure Club: Get wacky! Get yourself to do exciting things like Tree Climbing, rope climbing, wall climbing under the guidance of professionals. Tie and untie knots that will help you climb rocks/mountains; find your way in and out of a deep jungle! Discover the art of self-defence with the help of a Martial art expert. Play less known game such as Rugby.

Music Club: If ever you wished you moved your hands on the keyboard like A.R. Rahman did and played the Guitar like Keith Peters, here is an opportunity for you to do all this in our Music Club. Sing along, bang the bongo drums and rock!

Robotics Club: Creations come to life in Robotics – they are born through your hands, start thinking using your programs and let us say dance to your tunes at the end! Don’t miss creating a Beckham or Drogba to play your favorite Soccer.

Logon on to register now!!

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