Papyrus Discovery Camp

Friday, March 20, 2009

PapyrusClubs Discovery Camp

Maximum Learning, Minimum Teaching

“I hear and I forget
I see and I remember
I do and I understand”
- Confucius

Summer Holidays are here. There are courses and courses and courses that children can attend. The PapyrusClubs Discovery Camp stands apart. It is built on the well established premise that the best form of learning is facilitated by assisting discovery.

Over 5 days, children would get to actively participate in the following:

Detective Club
Ever wanted to solve cases like the Five Find-Outers? Then this is your chance.
• Improve analytical and deduction skills.
• Develop and refine critical thinking skills.
• Develop problem solving strategies.

Dramatics Club
Lights, curtains, the stage and you!!
Come and experience creating a performance through dance and drama. Tap your innate talents. Create your own skits/plays based on themes from our epics, history and social topics under the able guidance of eminent theatre personalities.

T-20 Club:
Well, does this game need any introduction? Indulge in an exciting game of cricket played with a tennis ball (so that everyone can participate), with live commentary. Watch out, rules may get changed and you may be asked to bat with a tennis racket or a baseball bat!

Photography Club
Yet another creative medium of self-expression. Get the best out of your mobile phones and digital cameras. Understand the impact of light and shade, of black-and-white and colour. Click/flash your way to fun! Acquire hands-on experience of the nuances of photography in presence of a professional in this field.

Debating Club
Talk your mind! Participate in Jest-A-Minute contests.
This Club will provide opportunities to express your opinion, speak in front of an audience, understand different views and opinions, and look at the two sides of a coin.
- Debate!

Mechano Club: Get Mechanical!!
Try your hands on nuts and bolts, wear your thinking caps, grease your hands and learn to assemble, repair by experimenting.

Adventure Club: Get wacky! Get yourself to do exciting things like Tree Climbing, rope climbing, wall climbing under the guidance of professionals. Tie and untie knots that will help you climb rocks/mountains; find your way in and out of a deep jungle! Discover the art of self-defence with the help of a Martial art expert. Play less known game such as Rugby.

Music Club: If ever you wished you moved your hands on the keyboard like A.R. Rahman did and played the Guitar like Keith Peters, here is an opportunity for you to do all this in our Music Club. Sing along, bang the bongo drums and rock!

Robotics Club: Creations come to life in Robotics – they are born through your hands, start thinking using your programs and let us say dance to your tunes at the end! Don’t miss creating a Beckham or Drogba to play your favorite Soccer.

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