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Friday, March 27, 2009

Summer Camp where children should explore and learn!

A Summer Camp with a difference ... in Chennai : Ever wondered how the man who played the violin the first time actually played it the way it should be played? It makes you ponder whether there was music at all before the Ragas were born, before sa re ga ma was framed, before Saint Thyagaraja fabricated those wonderful compositions.It is true that god created man with an ability to learn from nature around him. Man learnt or rather acquired skills by imitating from what he saw around him in nature, he watched the birds sing around him and learnt to create music, tunes...there can be innovation, or rather discovery, only when one is allowed to explore and learn on one's own without being taught by someone, without being instructed to do something. In line with this thought, it is indeed completely wrong to believe that children will learn things only if they are taught. Infact children will try and do things differently and understand concepts better if they are allowed to experiment, research and learn by themselves! This can be a very exciting experience for a kid since no rules about which they should worry.

Don't you think a child's mindset will change if you tell the kid that no matter how she fares in the exam, he/she will be promoted to the next level?

If anyone had instructed Mandolin Srinivasan to play only do re mi on the instrument because it was meant to be a western instrument, don't you think we would have lost a gem, a child prodigy in Carnatic music? Thanks to his teachers who did not instruct him!

It is this belief that PapyrusClubs will carry forward in the Discovery Camp for kids this summer.
Children will learn by discovery, by experimentation!!!

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